Friday, February 24, 2006

Sweet Sasha Cohen planning to skate in World Championships

Hopefully, you saw the women's finals last night in figure skating in Torino, sight of the 2006 Winter Olympics.

Sasha Cohen was just mesmerizing. I could not believe her inner fortitude after (what proved to be) her minor falls. Her grace and elegance on the ice were extraordinary.

This morning the media is highlighting her falls, and her disappointing silver medal. All I am reading and all I am hearing is how disastrous her entire long program turned out to be..

Excuse me, but did those big media types see the same performance that I saw? Yes, she hit the ice a couple of times, but that was very early in the 4 minute program. She completely and totally overcame those mishaps and put together an awe-inspiring performance. She deserved the silver much more than the Russian, who had no little artistry.

Can you believe the pressure packed environment in that ice rink last night? I really cannot think of any thing similar in amateur athletics. In an effort to compete under those circumstances, each skater must have composure and nerves of steel to pull off an artistic, elegant, and athletic peformance.

Sasha Cohen is my new favorite women's skater since Tara Lapinski. I've always admired Michelle Kwan, but never have had a connection with her through the t.v. set. Sasha just jumps out of the screen and steals your heart.

Things are Worsening in Iraq

As Violence Ebbs, U.S. Envoy Warns of Danger to Iraq''s Future - New York Times

Lost in all the news about the port management snafu with the United Arab Emirates, the Dick Cheney hunting fall out, the Olympics, and my personal infatuation with the Tennessee Men's Basketball team, I now realize how badly things are going in Iraq. This is completely serious business about the sectarian fighting that has erupted surrounding the attempts at forming a new government in Iraq. Many people are now expecting a full blown civil war, something which Al Quaeda would love to see. This situation is very tenuous and tensions remain high, thus, a city wide curfew in Baghdad today, and probably for most of the weekend.