Thursday, March 09, 2006

Iran remarks 'provocative' - U. S. - I don't mean to be turning this blog into an all political blog, with a Middle East bent: but that's where all the interesting news seems to be these days. At least to me. I think there is so much happening in the Middle East these days that the entire world is changing right before our eyes. Ironically, the determining factors of how we live out the rest of our lives---are being played out right now and in the next few years over there. If Russia lines up with Iran and Hammas, we're set for a major diplomatic struggle against US, Israel, and Iraq (assuming we maintain control).. The first stop is the United Nations, and we all know their track record of maintaining peace amongst the world's factions.

The article quoted is from CNN World.

"After weeks of talks and diplomatic maneuvering over the crisis, the international community Wednesday moved one step closer to taking action against Iran."