Friday, March 10, 2006

Singing the Praises of......Krystal

I never thought I'd say this, but I'm glad there is a Krystal near my home in Nashville. It's the one at the 70/100 split between Belle Meade and Bellevue.

We lost power last night during that fierce storm, and it's still off on Friday morning. We used our candles, flashlights, and gas stove, and did not have any problems really.

This morning I was beginning to have have internet withdrawals, plus I was waiting on a couple of business e mails. What to do, what to do...? I did not want to head down to Panerra Bread, my first thought. I had to be on the "other" side of town.

So, I dropped the oldest off at school and then headed back to the "neighborhood" Krystal. So, here I am blogging away in the parking lot, because I just don't want to be tempted to order hash browns, and all the artery clogging stuff they serve inside.
But I will head inside and get some java in a few.

The signal is clear, the signal is strong, so this is good. Krystal Hot Spot! Only in the 21st century!

Newspapers May Get Look At Future if Knight Sells

But key to the future valuation of newspapers is how fully and swiftly they embrace the Internet, said Colby Atwood, vice president of Borrell Associates Inc., a media research and consulting firm. (from the Washington Post)

"Symbolic of the woes afflicting the newspaper business, Knight Ridder put itself up for sale in November in response to pressure from shareholders to lift its stock price. Like other publishers, Knight Ridder has battled rising newsprint prices and falling circulation. Readers in recent years have migrated to other media for news, including the Internet."