Sunday, April 02, 2006

I don't like Wal Mart

Super Wal Mart that is....As a small indepdendent business person, I see no reason for a store to be this big, or to offer so many different goods or departments under one rooftop. If the idea is to be the cheapest purveyor of goods, all types of goods, from soup to shirts, then I guess they win the battle. I like the idea of fair competition, but these guys take competition to the next level by ordering their vendors over to Bentonville, and whipping them into shape by dictating the costs and the quantities Walton and company is willing to pay. Granted, such vendors don't have to give in or take the business, but they usually do. Suffice to say that this is a degree of capitalism that I don't think the likes of Adam Smith (father of capitalism) envisioned. I am not for intervention or any type of handcuffing of the Wal Mart folks of any type. I understand and realize what Super Wal Mart has become--which is, a totally legal and well within their rights entity that is supported by millions and millions of people. I personally will just not ever buy any Wal Mart stock, will not shop there, and will choose to develop retail relationships that do not involve any of their (store) brands. That's all.

Aviation's future -- pilotless planes - from CNN - Aviation's future -- pilotless planes

Check out this quote from this article----

"They can't see and avoid other aircraft, and they can't respond to air traffic controllers' instructions, Cebula said."

Well, I'll be damned!

Macs Most Rabid Fans

Wired News: Apple Fans Gallery

Another story from "Wired News" I could not pass up. Glad to know that I am just an average Mac fan, and not a "rabid fan". These people put Apple/Mac tatoos all over their bodies (ahem, in decent places you pervert).

Digital TV for Cell Phones in Japan

Wired News: Japan: Digital TV for Cell Phones

So, what's next-- High Definition TV for your cell phone, or how about a nice half inch by half inch plasma screen for your trusty hand held?

It's hard to believe that the Japanese people are watching television shows and movies on their cell phones. A video Ipod is one thing, and I know several people who love these little gadgets, but I just can't get there, or just can't understand how someone could watch an entire show on such a diminutive screen.

There is a real dichotomy right now in the hardware space for entertainment. The big plasma screens or LCD screens have settled down around the 42 inch or even the 60 inch size. Now, there is this news from Japan (plus the video Ipod) that people enjoy watching stuff on these screens about half the size of a business card. I hate to pull out this cliche out right now, but it seems as if size really does not matter after all--something I've been telling my wife for years!