Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Risk Free Investing?

Fed Official Warns of Changes--Washington Post

A top Federal Reserve official warned yesterday that the U.S. financial system is evolving faster than the ability of investors, lenders and regulators to evaluate and manage the risks involved.

Sounds to me like he is sounding an alarm that does not need to be sounded. Most people who invest realize that there are no guarantees. Wait. I forgot about the trial lawyers. They are always out to blame somebody, and then, if successful, they then capture 99% of the "settlement", then distribute what paltry sum remains to the actual people who lost the money in the first place. But, I digress. Here is quote that sums it all up-

Geithner said recent financial innovations have helped the economy absorb various financial shocks, "but they have not eliminated risk." He added, "They have not eliminated the possibility of failure of a major financial intermediary. And they cannot fully insulate the broader financial system from the effects of such a failure."

Again, there are no guarantees.

Mac Competes with 3rd Party Vendors

Playlist: From companion to competitor

My good friend since childhood, Paul Griffin of Griffin Technology is probably the least known most successful entreprenuer/company in the entire state of Tennessee if not the entire Southeast. He has built a company off of Elm Hill Pike that is incredible, and if I was not sworn to secrecy, I would tell you how many millions of dollars in business he is doing. It is in a word, stunning. And let me just tell you that Paul still wears jeans to the office and drinks a 48 ounce Coke from the tap from MapCo every day.He has not lost his sense of "earthiness" and he hasn't gone out and bought a yacht or a McMansion in Williamson County. Hell, he thinks dining out at Flemming's is too expensive. But, he could have all of that and more.

I point to this article above because I honestly wish that Apple would stay out of the peripheral business and just keep on doing the big stuff. Let guys like Paul and the fine folks at Griffin Technology continue their roll for years and years to come. Congratulations to Paul, Stephen Woolverton, Jeff Pack, and all the gang at Griffin. Here's one guy that will not buy a Mac made peripheral.

Colt sells for record $16 million

Colt sells for record $16 million

Bet you were thinking about the Indianapolis Colts. Wrong Football Breath. This story is about a real colt, you know, a horse. With spring in the air, it's time to start thinking about horse racin'! Steeplechase is just around the corner!

She probably drank beer from her Tippy Cup

Child brings cocaine to second-grade class from USA TODAY

The President must play Rugby--

Bush Vows Bin Laden's Capture During Surprise Visit to Afghanistan

Check out these quotes from the Fox story-

The president and his wife stepped off Air Force One under a bright, sunny sky against a background of snowcapped mountains. Security was extremely tight.

Secret Service agents were deployed around the plane with automatic weapons-

Bush's entourage flew into the city from Bagram Air Base in a flotilla of heavily armed helicopters. Two door gunners on a press helicopter fired off a short burst of machine gun fire at unknown targets as the aircraft flew low and fast over barren countryside.