Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Couric says she's leaving 'Today' - Television -

Couric says she's leaving 'Today' Show after 15 years

You can say what you want about Katie Couric, but I've always liked her presence on this show, even though I've never liked her politics. That's probably why she is going to CBS---her true colors are coming out--CBS is a pretty well known haven for those left of left types. None the less, she will add a bit of sparkle to a news cast that no one watches anymore. My other guess is that she is going over there because of the plum assignments she will get to cover, and because she won't have to wake up at 3 am anymore.

I think the quote below is priceless and very true:

"“Sometimes I think change is a good thing,” Couric said. “Although it may be terrifying to get out of your comfort zone, it’s also very exciting to start a new chapter in your life.”