Thursday, April 27, 2006

Bleet, plus, Tennessean RSS Feed UPDATE

I'm coining a new term, BLEET, to describe the Blog Elite, formerly known as the blogleet. This is a term that describes, as you might imagine, the biggest and bestest bloggers.

Rex Hammock of Rexblog fame is certainly a charter member of the BLEET, a place that maybe one day in the far distant future I might ascend. Rex took the time to inform me that only one particular RSS Feed from the Tennessean is bad, and of course, it's the one I was using. So, I stand corrected and extend my apologies to the TNSN.. Here is what Rex says below:

The tennessean RSS feeds work for me -- I subscribe to the news
headlines and the sports one. however, the "headlines" thing suc**.
I'll post something tomorrow.


here's the URL to the "top news" feed that works for me:

Thanks Rex and thanks for the plug the other day for my half marathon run for the Michael J. Fox Foundation. We have raised over $5000 for the Michael J. Fox Foundation and the cure for Parkinson's.