Monday, March 06, 2006

Runaway Bride Bobbleheads--I wish all of these types of stories turned out like this

Hockey Fans Go Nuts for Runaway Bride Bobbleheads From Fox News

"The bobblehead features a generic woman's face, with a veil over her head, a sweat shirt that says 'I [heart] Duluth,' a pair of running shoes labeled 'Adios' instead of Adidas and a picture of the state of Georgia on the back."

This was one of the most captivating "real life drama" stories of 2005. We were in Duluth, Ga right after she came back home and the whole truth came out about her flying the coop. She was the hottest topic all over this community just southest of Atlanta. One of the newest statements that I hear these days is "It's all Good'. Can't say that I'm real hip, but it seems the hip crowd uses that statment a great deal. It seems an appropriate time here to use that term---It's all Good----! She is safe, was never harmed, maybe a bit psycho, but she can get treatment for that--and now, the bobblehead!

Adobe Photoshop Product Manager Says 2007 before Intel Switch

Adobe Photoshop Product Manager Speaks from MacSlash

"Don't look for a shining ray of light here: Adobe Photoshop product manager John Nack has gone on record about his company's efforts in moving their flagship product to Intel. With some of the more mature apps, like Photoshop, Illustrator, it's a really big project, and there's a lot of work to move the code from Code Warrior over into Xcode, get that compiling, and then get that compiling on Mactel. So it's something where it's a long process. I wish we could do it faster. He goes on to explain how closely they're working with Apple to make it happen. But still, no firm dates, and no dispelling the math that we're looking at 2007, most likely."

Two Vols suspended, charged with possession of crack

Anthony Passley and Jordan Smith charged with possession of crack

Fortunately for Vol fans, these guys don't play a great deal of basketball. However, this is publicity that we don't need. Passley came over with Pearl from Milwaukee-Wisconsin.