Sunday, May 14, 2006

Men's National Team--Soccer - Men's National Team

If you haven't already heard, the World Cup is this summer in Germany. The World Cup is to soccer fans what the Super Bowl is to football fans. The only difference being is that it's held every 4 years, and there is truly a World Champion unlike the incredibly arrogant claim of the Super Bowl winner being a world champion. How can the Super Bowl winner be a world champion when it's a game only between U. S. football teams??

The World Cup is truly an international spectacle that promises to be great sports televion this June. Budweiser is spending more on advertising with the World Cup than they did with this past Super Bowl. This sport might actually finally be catching on in America. It's truly great soccer at the international level!

In any event, YOU, yes, YOU have the opportunity to see our team, called the U. S. National Team play against Morrocco here in Nashville, TN, this May 23rd at 6 pm at the Coliseum. Pretty cool. It's called the "Send Off Series" and it's a "friendly" match to help prepare our team for the grueling World Cup. Our first World Cup match is on June 11th. More later.

Tickets are reasonably priced (unlike most professional sports). There are good seats for $25 and $35.

Hope to see you there. Click the link above for ticket info if you don't want to call TicketHassle at 255-9600.