Sunday, August 13, 2006

Apple receives delisting letter from Nasdaq - MarketWatch

Apple receives delisting letter from Nasdaq

Fat chance of anything happening here in terms of a delisting, but Apple has not cleared up the back dating of options for it's executives, some thing that most public companies took care of in past years when the rules were changed.

I guess they were too busy cranking out IPODS and revolutionizing the digital music world to realize that they definitely dropped the ball on the new accounting regulations.

If the stock gets hit tomorrow based upon these headlines, it may be a good time to buy AAPL.

Even though MAC heads continue not to like the INTEL chips because the software makers for MAC have not caught up yet, I think AAPL has a very bright future, and the best is yet to come for this company.

Pennington on the Vols-Optimism Rising

Go Vols Xtra Pennington's Big Orange Business Vol Fever... Catch It

These comments are from my favorite UT blogger, John Pennington, who hosts a TV show in Knoxville about everything VOLS, but is pretty level headed about the boys wearing orange, and does not usually buy into a whole lot of hooey, although he did predict the Vols would go 10-2 last year, and what, the Vols ended up 5-6! This was written before the scrimmage on Saturday where Ainge threw 2 interceptions!

I can tell you that the dog days of Summer are here and with them has come the low rumble that... maybe, just maybe... the Vols will be better than most folks think.

A month ago, everyone in the media (and some folks close to the program) didn't see blue skies on UT's horizon. The outlook was 8-4, 9-3 at best. Some even said 7-5.

But as the stories emerge from Fall practice, it seems that a lot of people are saying the right things. Ainge now understands the offense, which he didn't last year. Special teams are getting more attention and looking better. There's not a rotation of injured backs who didn't play this Spring... there's a FLEET of high-quality game-breakers.

And all that talk is starting to sink in. Fans, 90% of them anyway, always want to believe the positive. Take a look over the last few weeks at how many people have said, 'we'll kick Cal's butt' (my word, not theirs). Those same folks probably typed the same thing before last Fall's games with Florida, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, Vandy, etc, etc.

That's the nature of fandom.

What I find interesting is that jaded members of the media and press... people who are paid to be unbiased, to have a keen eye, to have seen all of this stuff before... are now starting to buy into" the excitement. Just a little.

After my TV show on Sunday, some of the guys I spoke with said, "I'm hearing the right things." Some are wondering if they should have gone with 8-4 instead of 7-5, with 9-3 instead of 8-4, or with 10-2 instead of 9-3.

"Remember," I said to one of them, "Phillip Fulmer is at his best when you least expect it. It's when expectations are high that he can't reach them. Right now, they're low." I was gigging the guy a little... but he had a look in his eye that said, "you're right!"

I said 9-3 back in January. After the Spring, watching the offensive line, I dropped it to 8-4. I'm going to sit on that prediction for now.

Last year, when I predicted 10-2 (due to the Vols' tough schedule), the "they're going to the Rose Bowl" crowd almost led me to change my pick to 11-1. But I held to my guns, and was right (well, "righter" than the folks who said Rose Bowl).

So I'll stick with 8-4. But there's a rising tide of optimism in Knoxville, without question. I reserve the right to switch to 9-3 before the Cal game.