Friday, November 27, 2009

What a Great Holiday

Thanksgiving. Totally relaxing. No muss, No fuss. Just family, friends, a little food, wine, and what have you. Top that off with a good run @ The Bolt on Thanksgiving morning, a good outdoor soak in the hot tub, followed by a mid morning nap. What other holiday (or regular day for that matter) can ONE enjoy such a menu of slovenly activities? Notice on occasion I'll use the more grammatically correct "one" instead of the pronoun-centric "you" when talking or writing about the first tense, just depends on the mood. I've given up trying to completely self edit my posts which led me to stop posting and blogging a couple of years ago. Back then, I started writing for you, the reader, and not for me, the writer. So if you see something, ahem, if one seems something grammatically incorrect, too bad, so sad, me don't care anymore. Just want to express some thoughts before I go to sleep and forget what they were. Anyway, just wanted to say how thankful I am for a really great family, and for a great Thanksgiving holiday. I'm especially thankful for the life of my father, who passed away on February 26th of this year. He was incredibly kind, and very influential on my life. Giving thanks for your family is pretty much a cliche on Thanksgiving day if it's your turn to give thanks for something during family prayer time. But in my case it's so true. I have a great wife who coordinated dinner for 16 family members last evening and still had time for me. She's the real deal! It's great to have our college aged son Houston home and our daughter Rachel who is 14 going on 21 hanging around the household but wanting to be taken hither and yonder to meet up with her friends. Add to that my great brothers who were here last night, and our Mom, and I'm just telling you, Thanksgiving is the best holiday of all.