Monday, May 15, 2006

A New Twist for the Moonshiner: Ethanol - Energy - A New Twist for the Moonshiner: Ethanol - Energy

This is a great way to promote the fact that Ethanol is the fuel of the future.

I remember when people used to scoff at gas stations that used to "cut" their gas with ethanol. In fact, it was those cut rate gas stations of the past like Pilot and Scott that used to frequently "cut" their gas with ethanol to keep their pump prices low. And what did most consumers do? Go to other "pure" gas stations. How stupid. I was one of those that used to avoid ethanol/gas mixtures.

Now, I am a complete and total advocate of E85/ethanol plus gas mixtures. Anything to reduce our dependence on oil, rather foreign or domestic. Scroll down to read where E-85 is available in Nashville NOW. Don't buy a new car without ethanol capabilities--read this article linked above too!

"An upstart Tennessee business is marketing stills that can be set up as private distilleries making ethanol — 190 proof grain alcohol — out of fermented starchy crops such as corn, apples or sugar cane. The company claims the still's output can reduce fuel costs by nearly a third from the pump price of gasoline."