Tuesday, November 03, 2009

My son had a Drug Test plus Hollywood's top pot heads

Our son, Houston, is an NCAA Division 1 Athlete at the University of Richmond. He is on a full tuition scholarship for soccer.

He was warned or shall we say, informed, that he would be subjected to random drug testing throughout the year during his orientation session last summer. Today, he was told by the trainer that his number had come up, and that he had to pee in a cup at the student health center within the hour.

So, he did. The first ruling was that his urine was too diluted and he needed to do it again. So he did. It came up negative. Whew. That was good news. I was pretty sure he was not doing any drugs, but a parent never knows for sure.

Random drug testing is in our employee manual at my company, Uniguest, as an option that management has --at its disposal. We have never utilized drug testing or forced anyone into a drug test. Apparently, we are in the minority as drug testing is widely utilized at schools and companies all over the country as I've come to find out.

Just last night I was watching a special on CNBC about the agricultural proliferation of marijuana production in the US and how the Denver Post had just hired a "Medical Marijuana" columnist to review the various styles of legal marijuana.

So on the one hand we have the resurgence of legal marijuana and on the other hand, we have the clamp down on drug use via wide spread testing. No conclusion here, just stating some facts.

Here is a good way to end this post

Hollywood's Top Pot heads: From Foxnews.com