Thursday, November 09, 2006

Rumsfeld ruminates on time at Pentagon - Conflict in Iraq -

Rumsfeld ruminates on time at Pentagon

Rummy was good for America. He just stayed on a bit too long. A principled man, we always knew where he stood, and he had colorful comments along the way much to the chagrin of the Washington MSM (main stream media). I have called for his resignation in this blog, not because I did not respect the man, but because his time was up. We need new leadership post invasion in Iraq and we needed it months ago. Still, Rummy is a good man.

"Rumsfeld choked up a bit at his first public appearance since his surprise resignation announcement.

Asked how he has found the motivation to press on in this tough environment, Rumsfeld answered with his tried and true 'My goodness.' He took a long pause as the audience laughed softly, then answered that he felt 'so fortunate to have been able to participate and serve at important times in our country's history, and to do it with people like that,' gesturing to the soldiers in the room. Visibly emotional, he looked off to the side as he composed himself."