Sunday, April 30, 2006

Is Jeff Fisher the next Titan to go?

With the latest word that Steve McNair is going to be traded or released, one has to wonder what is going on over at the Titan's---on the administration side.

Clearly, Coach Fisher and Norm Chow preferred Matt Lienart over Vince Young. Almost every post draft interview indicated that the decision was split. Here are a couple of quotes:

Reese acknowledged the decision wasn't unanimous in the draft room, but he said everyone was in agreement that Young has a chance to be special.

"I know Coach Chow and Coach Fisher did everything they could to get me, but obviously there were some differences in that organization,'' Leinart told reporters in Arizona. "They went with who they thought was best.''

And, now, the word is that Fisher said that the McNair trade or release is "unlikely". Remember when McNair was asked to leave the training camp when Fisher was out of town visiting potential draft prospects?

All of this reeks of something going amuck. Fisher will never come out and say anything, but all indications are that he has a short leash---I'd say this year to at least have a winning season or to show some definite improvements.

My thoughts are that Fisher backed McNair way too long and was his outspoken supporter despite the obvious. Bud Adams and Floyd Rees are running this team and Fisher will be the next to go if the Titan's don't turn the ship around this upcoming season.