Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Thelma Harper

...has become what she probably never meant to be---the consummate politician that puts ego before common sense. No politico that I've ever watched intends for this to happen--but they get caught up in the "system" and the "process". She is probably right now trying to decide how best to defend herself and how to justify the nay vote on the Jack Daniel's Musuem in downtown Nashville . It's probably time for her to take a hard look in the mirror. Just read these quotes below from the City Paper:

Harper said she was upset that she wasn’t asked to be the first sponsor of the bill before it was introduced. Instead, Brown-Forman asked Sen. Jim Tracy (R-Shelbyville), whose district contains the Jack Daniel’s Distillery in Lynchburg, to sponsor the bill.

“When you deal with people who have no respect for where you are, you know, it makes it difficult,” Harper said. “But the main thing is [Brown-Forman has] no respect for our position.

“You can have a museum and all of those other things, and I can sponsor it, but we don’t need someone from Shelbyville sponsoring the bill that’s here,” she added. “It’s proper protocol … when they come into my business district, I should be allowed to represent my businesses. That’s what I’ve done all along.”

Have you ever read a more ridiculous "inside" quote of how legislation gets done and how these people perceive themselves? Thelma Harper thinks downtown Nashville is "her" business district--the whole thing, the whole area that is---and that---(chest protruding, chest beating) nothing gets done without her front and center approval. You know, at one time in my life, I thought about politics. Then I realized one day how absolutely low life these people are and how super big their egos are. Oh yes, they can talk real well, and they can smile and they can wear big hats, but when it comes right down to it--it's ego plain and simple. And if they are elected, particularly into the city council and into the state rep positions, they become so absorbed in their titles and the process, that they lose site of the big picture.

Still think I'm being too hard on Thelma? Okay, then read this:

Tracy said lobbyists from Bass, Berry & Sims PLC, of which Brown-Forman is a client, asked Harper to co-sponsor the bill with Tracy. But Harper said she did not want to play “second fiddle.”

Pretty much proves how big her ego has become.

elma puts off a great Easter Egg Hunt every year, but that's about it. She has ridden the wave of popularity to the point of being too big for her own britches as the old cliche goes.

Just think how she could have co-sponsored this bill and how she could have been out front and positive about bringing new alternatives to downtown Nashville tourism and how she could have enamored the pro business and pro tourism people. These people would have possibly thought about sending her donations and thought about her upward movement into higher political positions. But no, her ego got hurt, and she voted against the bill because she was not the sponsor---Who cares how good the museum would have been for the city and our tourists. It's all about Thelma.

The Jack Daniel's Museum in downtown Nashville would be a great addition to our city and would add a great deal of diversity to our tourism offerings. How this can be defeated (as currently proposed) by a dentally challenged state senator who must have a hat closet bigger than my garage is just a sad commentary on her power.

Buried Deep in the Wall Street Jounal on Monday..

....I would link to the site but it's paid and I'm not even a member either.

But there was this article on Monday, April 17th in the print edition which I'm just getting around to posting about, that was entitled "Rumseld's Tight Grip on U. S. Military Appears to be Weakening". It was a front page piece that chronicles the fact that the military brass is definitely up to their necks with the leadership style of Rummy.

In any event, the article continued off the front page and onto page A-10. About 2 paragraphs down, this morsel of information appears, and I'm quoting:

Despite the administration's oft-stated pledge to democratize the Middle East, the military's U. S. Central Command, which oversees troops in the region, has a somewhat different emphasis. It's top priority is to help existing governments in the region beef up their security to provide a "protective shield" against Al Quaeda, officers say. In most cases, that means increasing intelligence-sharing with non-democratic regimes, providing more counter terrorism training and participating in exercises with their militaries. The hope is that once the regimes become more secure, power will slowy devolve to their people.

Also in the Pacific, senior military officers are pushing for more exchanges with the Chinese military, despite contrary urges from Mr. Rumsfeld. Such exchanges were reduced in teh early days of the administration, as Mr. Rumsfeld came into office--as he was determined to pare military to military engagement and to get tough with China.

So, there you have it folks. We have the top military generals working behind the administration's back, and if you believe Tim Russert, we have in effect, a military coup taking shape amongst the leadership. Perhaps he is being overly dramatic. But, I'm telling you the policies of Rummy and I guess ultimately George Bush 43 are not working in the military's eye in terms of "nation building". We cannot build a democratic government in Iraq any more than we can will away Fidel Castro from Cuba. Let the people live the way they want to live, and let the people have a freaking dictator if they want to. But, we can work with most governments, and we can show them ways that they can be secure and ways they can thwart Al Quaeda. We can topple governments if we want to, but we better make damn sure that we know what to do after we topple governments. Saber rattling is good to an extent, but overthowing governments and trying to instill a U. S. type democracy in under 2-3 years or even 10 years is ludicrous.

And the military brass agrees.