Monday, February 27, 2006

World Cup Friendly in Nashville!

The U. S. National Soccer Team to play at the Coliseum on May 23rd

This is HUGE HUGE News Soccer Fans!! This is the summer for the World Cup, held every four years, this year in Germany!! Rewind to 2002 when our men's team went all the way to the semi-final round (in Japan I think) and gave the U. S. so much to cheer about after 9/11! Remember in 1999 when Brandi Chastain tore off her shirt after the women won the World Cup with Mia Hamm, everyone's favorite?? This is soccer at it's best. The U. S. National (men's team) will come to our fair city (soon after Sasha and company) to play a friendly (a serious match but one that is not as serious as to count for anything) at the Coliseum. Expect mega huge stars like Landon Donovan, Josh Wolf, Eddie Pope and more. The game will be played against an as yet to be determined opponent on May 23rd at 6 pm at the Coliseum!! Wow! The next week, our guys will head to Germany for the whole enchilada.

Yes, skeptics, the Olympics do mean something - Mike Lopresti from USA Today finally speaks to me and analyzes the 2006 Olympics for what they are and what they aren't (probably should have used past tense as in were/weren't). Plus, he bashes Bryant Gumball, and gosh, I wish so many other media types would do the same. This is my favorite quote from the article-

Perfectly within his province as a critic (to bash the Olymics). But it is unsettling to ever hear anyone measure a sport's worth because of its racial profile? Do we accept the person who says the NBA is too black to watch? Can't we all get along, even if no one cares about the Nordic combined?


Look Who's coming to Nashville!

Champions on Ice

Sasha, Michelle, and all the gang!

Apple could bid for Disney

Apple could bid for Disney: Barron's - MarketWatch

If this happens, all bets are off----Apple will adopt Windows as their operating system (OS) and Apple will officially move 100% into the entertainment world. They will be a purveyor of all things music and video, digital that is, and they will continually come out with neat little gadgets (hardware), and they will control and own the content. Of course, this is just my prediction, but it does not take a rocket scientist to see that the stars are aligning for Jobs and Co to get out of the OS business, and just do things where they can dominate, or , at least lead. It has to get in their craw that only 4-5% of the total computer world love and use their OS. On the other hand, I read where 70% of portable music digital players that are sold--are IPODS.
Let's hope this insanity over IPODs starts to subside, or at least, let's hope I'm wrong about all this.