Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Clinton Says New York, but Money Hints at '08 - New York Times

This New Yorkk Times article says it all, Hillary will be a candidate in 2008 for the big enchilada

"Already, the Clinton finance team has amassed more cash than any other potential Democratic presidential candidate, $17.1 million, underscoring what many Democrats say is the tactical edge that Mrs. Clinton has going into 2008, with an experienced and well-financed campaign.

But as important, Mrs. Clinton's finance team appears determined to build such a big bank account and to develop relationships with many of the party's top fund-raisers in an effort to make it harder for potential rivals to compete in 2008, Democrats closely monitoring the Clinton camp's efforts say."

The Mac OS is safe after all

| Mac OS X Hacker Challenge Ends Early

From MacSlash

If "professional" hackers can't hack into the Mac OS via a Mac Mini, it's safe to say that yes, Virginia, we are all safe from those scoundrels. (there was an earlier post about the Mac OS being manipulated last week by a virus, but details were sketchy).

Quoting from MacSlash-

Remarkably, the server held up well under those assaults (this is a Mini, remember!), and not only served that traffic, but deflected over 4000 ssh login attempts and any number of scanning tools. Do we call this a success? Ummm... I'm going to go with a yes.